Hi, I’m Sara, a certified meeting professional and travel coach. I spend most of my time with my pup, producing corporate events and traveling the world. My biggest purpose is to help others enrich their lives through travel.

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Thank you so much for making the dream of this trip a reality!!! 

Erika M. May 2022 (Client)

Sara assisted my daughter in planning out trip to London! It was fantastic!! From the airline travel to the hotels , it was all just perfect!! All of our hotels were centrally located to the sites of London and Liverpool. Also, Sara made some great recommendations to us in regards to sites to see and places to dine, it all added up to the most wonderful trip of a lifetime. Memories made with my daughter, unforgettable!! Thank you Sara for your guidance and planning!

– Pamela D. May 2022 (Client)

Hey Sara! Just wanted to check in as I’m a week into my solo travel adventure. It was everything you said it’d be – I feel free, powerful, and proud. You were so right about talking to so many kinds of people you may not have chatted with before, instead of having a travel buddy as a crutch. From building new relationships with people to even just getting a good pub recommendation, that part has been incredible. I can’t thank you enough for being a piece of the puzzle in my journey here!

– Elena B. May 2022 (Solo Travel Woman Society member)

Hey Sara! Just wanted to say thank you so much for inspiring me to take my first solo trip! ☺️ I’m sort of at a cross roads in my life, and facing my “quarter life crisis” head on! My contract is coming up for my job at the end of February, and I just have this gut feeling that there is something more out there for me. I chose not to re-sign my contract with my company, which brings me into a process of “breaking up” with myself, re-examining everything I’ve ever known, and seeking reinvention! I was on the fence about solo travel, feeling like the time just feels RIGHT, but feeling a little nervous about taking the step to find myself.
Basically I found your solo travel woman podcast, and booked my one-month trip to London the next day. I’m so excited and feeling more present than I have in a while and I owe it to you!
Keep doing your thing, girl. You are really killing it and changing lives. 💗Can’t wait to keep following your amazing content and wisdom! 💗

– Elena B. April 2022 (Solo Travel Woman Society member)

Sara has been great to work with! She has made planning our honeymoon to Greece a breeze.

– Morgan R. March 2022 (Client)

This event was fabulous. I enjoyed it so much. It made me wish for something similar to this to happen once a month. It was inspiring, supportive, compassionate, and empowering and I loved the community of women you gathered together to create this. It felt special in every way possible. It made me feel like I could be great friends with every person there.

– Cara T. March 2022 (Attendee of The Beginner’s Guide to Solo Travel Live)

I came across Sara via social media and from day one she was very responsive and amazing to work with! I was asking a ton of questions , and changing ideas up and she never once didn’t help me ! I would highly recommend planning your trip with her , she has amazing ideas and knowledge about locations and resorts! I can’t thank Sara enough for helping me plan a surprise vacation for my parents!

– Tiffany R. February 2022 (Client)

Planning a trip to another country is overwhelming (then factor in COVID rules) and its a lot! So grateful to Sara providing her expertise to my mother and I as we plan a trip to the UK in Spring 2022. She was super responsive and assisted me with any questions that I had, or adjustments to the itinerary. Will definitely use her again!

– Erika M. February 2022 (Client)

Sara is the best! After giving her some information on what kind of trip I was looking for, she presented me with several options and her recommendations were amazing. My trip exceeded my expectations and she is the biggest reason why, as she made it all happen. Sara is very responsive, informative, and trustworthy. I look forward to booking another trip trough her soon!

– Sara B. November 2021 (Client)

My friends and I are planning our dream vacation to Italy with no idea where to start. I found Sara through a toaster travel group and she’s been amazing to work with. She is quick to accommodate changes and creates your perfect trip. She has even suggested things I never would of thought possible. Her itineraries are cute and super helpful especially for our group. I’ve never used a travel agent before and I can’t imagine vacationing without her now.

– Lacey B. July 2021 (Client)

Sara is absolutely incredible!!! She answers all of my questions and is so helpful!!! This is my first time using a travel agent and she made my experience so easy and wonderful. I will definitely be using her services again for our next trip! Thank you Sara for all that you do!

– Phyllis L. June 2021 (Client)

Sara is PHENOMENAL. I reached out to her, never using a travel agent and all kinds of confused and overwhelmed. But, she quickly eased my worries. She planned our trip, answered our questions, and made us feel comfortable. She has been my immediate contact when planning a trip (cause I tried to plan one myself after using her and it went to the trash). She’s fantastic, seriously! Whatever it is that you’re on the fence about, contact Sara. She is responsive and takes all your considerations to heart and adjusts accordingly. It’s YOUR trip, so make sure to communicate what you want. She will adjust, but she can’t if you don’t communicate. Love her so much and recommend her! (SO THANKFUL FOR THUMBTACK LEADING ME TO SARA)

– Alexis L. April 2021 (Client)

Wow! I found her on TikTok because I desperately needed help booking my family’s vacation. She responded right away and provided me with the best beautiful layout proposal. She stayed right around my budget range. She was even able to provide my parents-in-law, that live in Honduras, a great flight and a beautiful hotel during their layover. I am So happy with my trip and all the hard work was taken off my shoulders. She was very understanding and adjusted the proposal to my needs. So glad I found her!

– Stephanie M. March 2021 (Client)

Just amazing! Stuck with my group through all the ups and downs. Planning a trip is so hard and STW Planning makes it easy.

– Moriah A. March 2021 (Client)

Sara took on a huge, important project for me: getting all our friends and family across the world for a destination wedding. She made the process as seamless as possible and her thoroughness was incredible. I couldn’t be happier.

– Susan B. Sept 2020 (Client)

If I could choose all 5 I would have, I see how Sara have 5 stars, she is amazing. Out of the 6 agents I contacted, she was the only one that responded right away and gave me what I was looking for. She answered all of my questions. This is our first trip and she has made it so much easier. I will be booking more trip. Thank you Blessings to you

Mary L. August 2020 (Client)

Sara was very helpful and gave us so many options to chose from. She was professional and sweet. It was nice to have a such a friendly person who went above and beyond. It made booking our trip easy and she was very tentative and answered all our questions! She made planning our trip fun and we cannot wait to go. We highly reccomend using Sara to plan your next trip!

Alana G. July 2020 (Client)

Omg, working with Sara was a dream!!!! She made everything SO easy. Immediately sent me information IN MY PRICE RANGE and gave me all the information up front. I had lots of questions and she answered them directly. She was very swift with her responses. I 100% recommend working with Sara!

Alexis L. July 2020 (Client)

Sara made this process easy. I had no idea of how to go about booking a flight or a place to stay when I got there. Sara took care of it all and was so cheerful and pleasant through the process. Will use her again.

Charlotte Y. July 2020 (Client)

Working with Sara was a great experience. I am a very indecisive person and changed my mind millions of times and never got a complaint from her. She accommodated everything I wanted always responded and got quotes back to me right away. If you’re looking for someone that will care about their clients and do anything to make sure their trip is exactly, if not more, what they’re looking for, I highly recommend chatting with Sara and seeing what she can help you with. (:

Alexis M. July 2020 (Client)

Sara is amazing! I highly recommend using her services! She is quick, friendly, and accommodated everything that I asked for. I will definitely be using her again in the future!

Kenyatta J. June 2020 (Client)

Sara is awesome to work with! She was very helpful and answered the multiple questions I had. It was an easy process and I will definitely be using her services again for our next trip!

Sarah W. June 2020 (Client)

Sara not only provided us with a vacation package that was under budget but, she turned it around within 48 hours! It was so fast. I went from stressing over looking up hotels, flights and excursions that were family friendly and toddler safe to having it all handled! It was amazing and I will be referring STW to all my friends/family.

Julie C. June 2020 (Client)

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